Joost Dankelman has a 35 year experience on shooting and producing commercials ,

TV programs, documentary’s and Corporate films.

From 1980 , when he graduated from the Film academy in Amsterdam he worked

his way up in the industry.

Starting out as a Clapper loader he became focus puller , operator and later  DOP.

The last 15 years he has started a full service Production company.

He works with a basically small team with low overhead costs.

This way he can offer his clients a fair budget combining Director/DOP/Producer in one person.

His broad network in the industry allows him to contract professionals , specifically needed

for any specialised job an shoot on a parttime basis.


He is specialised in difficult location shoots under various conditions.

He is a good skier, has mountaineering and diving experience.

Has done over a hundred hours of helicopter and aerial photography and did extensive shoots on



He is also specialised in high speed , food and product photography

Did many the food shots for Mc Donald’s and KFC.

He is specialised in SFX photography in a broad sense: High speed, Chroma key,Unilux lighting,

Time-lapse photography, Macro/Boroscope shoots, Milow computer controlled rigs.


He speaks: Dutch, English, French and German.


He also likes to work as a self-directing D.O.P. And has been directing/shooting corporate films and Commercials since 1993.

He is still working as a photographer covering technics from:  4x5 inch Sinar , Hasselblad 6x6 ,

Nikon 35 mm , Canon D5 mark 2.


From 2004 until 2007 he worked in China as a director /producer and ran a full production company

SVP in Shanghai together with his former partner Sierk Vojacek.

SVP was producing TV commercials and TV programmes for the Chinese market and is still operating

In China.


From 2009 he works under the company name of Dankelman Visual Productions and Joost Dankelman Photography.


Dankelman Visual Productions is  a full service Film and Television production company.

We produce commercials , corporate films and documentary’s.


Joost Dankelman has a great experience as DOP and is also working as a self directing camera man .