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E-mail: Dankelmanvp@gmail.com                                       

Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam : 34270927 BTW no: NL 1148.39.372.B02




                                    CV Joost Dankelman ( 20-11-56)



Education:      High school Athenaeum B                                        ( 1969 - 1975)

                        Film & TV Academy Amsterdam                               ( 1976 - 1980)

                         Dutch Professional School for Photography           ( 1977 - 1980)


            Worked for the Dutch Cinema Newsreel : Polygoon           (1980 - 1981)

            covering various items independent as self-directing cameraman.

            Including the official film on the Crowning of the Dutch Queen Beatrix.

            Covered various news events on the “ Krakers” movement in Amsterdam.


            Worked as an assistant photographer in New-York ( 1982)

            Worked as assistant cameraman on various commercials and feature films.

            Worked as a stills photographer on feature films while being a student.

            Worked as photographer on fashion,advertising,sports and architecture.

            Started his own photo studio in Haarlem.(1985)

            Recently worked in China setting up a company with a partner called SVP

            filmproductions.Specialised in TV  commercials and TV programs for the local                         


            Since 2000 he started his own production company called: Visual Intent                                    

            productions BV , working for clients from  advertising agency’s and various                                  


            He is an acclaimed member of the N.S.C. ( Netherlands Society of Cinematographers)








List of Film productions:


TV film                      “De wereld is van Thomas Fincke”                                                 (1980) 16 mm

TV film                      “De zuster”                                                                                        (1980) 16 mm

Documentary             “ Een dag als alle andere “                                                             (1980) 16 mm                    

 Documentary                        “ Solidarinosc, Poland           “ for PBS Broadcast usa      (1981) 16 mm

TV series                    “ Ripley’s Believe it or Not” Columbia pictures                  (1981 - 1982 ) 16 mm

                                   various items trough out Europe.

Art docu                     “ H.R. Giger ‘ s Traumwelt”                                                     (1983) 1 inch video

Art film                      “ Het ware gezicht van John Prins”                                                 (1983) 16 mm

                                   Winner of Golden Award in New-York                                             (1983)

Documentary             National Geographic Society                                               (1982 - 1984) 16 mm

                                   various items in Israel and Europe.

Interactive                  “ veilig op Weg “ first interactive laser disk                                    (1983) video

                                   about learnig to drive a car .(length 6 hrs.)

Infomercial                 “ De Groenen” Political promo                                                       (1985) 16 mm

                                   winner of Silver award in New-York (1985)

Documentary             “ Lee Trevino: Golf in Europe”                                                        (1986) 16 mm

Promotional               “ Wat verkoop je me nou ?”consumer related                                (1986) video

Corporate                   “ CPC Europe “                                                                                 (1987) 16 mm

Corporate                   “ Feadship Rules the waves”                                                           (1988) 16 mm

Corporate                   “Siemens electronics that rule our live “32 min.                            (1988) 35 mm

Corporate                   “ Canon Europe” for Canon international.                                        (1988) video

Interactive                  “ Hotel managment course” 1-hour                                                   (1989) video

Infomercial                 “ Canon AP 800”                                                                                 (1988) video        

Infomercial                  “ Canon Fax 120”                                                                                (1988) video


Corporate                   “ Philips : Pushing the limits “ 45 min.                                             (1988) 35 mm

                                    Winner of Gold award in New-York

                                     Winner of Gold award in Chicago

Corporate                   “NS Spoorweg bouwers “       25 min.                                              (1989) 35 mm

Infomercial                 “ Nederlandse Hartstichting”                                                             (1989) 16 mm

Infomercial                 “ Anti Fire works Campaign”                                                             (1989) 35 mm

Infomercial                 “ Anti Alcohol Campaign”                                                                  (1989) 35 mm

Infomercial                 “ Anti Discrimination Campaign”: “                                                                                                         

                                    Zet eens een andere bril op “ RVD series of 9 infomercials.          (1989) video

Infomercial                 “Client services at PTT “( Dutch Telecom).                                       (1990) video

Infomercial                 “Client services at the Tax Department”                                           (1990) video

Documentary             “ KLM Helicopters services 25 years”                                              (1990) 16 mm

Documentary             “ Edilon embeddeb rail systems”                                                      (1990) 16 mm

Promotional               “Me and my Volvo “                                                                           (1990) 35 mm

                                    winner of Gold award in New-York (1990 )                                    

Promotional               “ SKF Keep on running”                                                                      (1990) 35 mm

                                    winner of Gold award New-York

                                     winner of Gold award Chicago

                                     Winner of Sony award 1991

                                    winner of IVCA Gold award London

                                     Winner of  2 e price at SAM 1991

                                     Winner of Golden Camera award at US Industrial

                                     Film festival

Infomercial                 “Business go’ s for pleasure” PTT Dutch telecom                         (1991) 16 mm

Corporate                   “ Uit de Running” Shell oil company                                              (1991) S16 mm

Infomercial                 “ An acountant is only a human being”                                             (1991) video

                                    Winner of Silver award in New-York                                               

Corporate                   “ ESO Infrared Space Observer, for ESA Paris”                                (1991) 16mm                          

Infomercial               “ Philips Camcorders Hawaii”                                                             (1991) 35 mm                                    

                                    Winner of Silver award in New-York

Corporate                   “ Vermeer , a strong story “ construction company                       (1991) 35 mm

Corporate                   “ Agfa Portraits” 17 min.                                                                    (1991) 35 mm

                                    Winner of IVCA London Bronze Corporate award  (1992)

                                    Winner of IVCA London Best Photography award  (1992)

                                    Winner of Gold award New-York                             (1992)

                                    Winner of Grand Prix at the IIFVC international. Festival

                                    Winner of 1 e prize     at the IIFVC internat. Festival

                                    Winner of SAM award 1992

                                    Winner of SAM 1 e prize 1992.

Corporate                   “ Stork; Everywhere for everyone ”.   19 min.                                (1991) 35 mm

Infomercial                 “ KNP Paper”                                                                                    (1992) 35 mm

Corporate                   “ Shell: Back Stage “                                                                      (1992) S16 mm

Opera Feature                        “ The Sorcerres, Kiri Te Kanawa”  55min.

                                    Opera Film Feature in co production with:

                                   NOB,NOS,Rhombus Media,BBC,PBS,ZDF.                                 (1992) S16 mm

                                   Nominated for Best Photography Prix Gemini

                                   Canada 1995.

Corporate                   “ Interpharma”                                                                               (1993) S16 mm

Infomercial                 “ Dangerous Play “                                                                         (1993) S16 mm

TV series                    “ 12 city’s , 13 accidents “                                                                   (1993) video

TV series                    “ Justice for the weak “                                                                      (1993) video

Docu                          “Lumiere-Demolition of the wall”                                                      (1994) 16 mm

CD-I                           “ Philips consumer products”                                                          (1994) 35 mm

Corporate                    “ We’ re your Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol “11min.         (1994) S16 mm/video

Docu/Drama               “ Struggle for Hope, Yo Yo Ma and Tamasaburo”              (1995) S16mm and                                                                                                                                                 35 mm

                                    Winner of Grand Prix Dance Film festival France


Corporate                   “ Unisource: visions on telecommunication” 11 min.                (1995) S16 mm

Corporate                   “ Blue, KLM’ s house color”                                                          (1995) video

Corporate                   “ Sony Moments “ Sony The Netherlands                                  (1996) video

                                    Finalist award best camerawork New-York

                                    festival 1995

Corporate                   “ Nedcar; One line says it all “                                            (1995) S16 mm

Corporate                   “ Energy Norh/West Symbiose”                                          (1996) S16 mm



Corporate                   “ Puregon FSH , Folikel Stimulating Hormone”                  (1996) S16 mm

                                   Nominated for Best Camera award National AV                                                             

                                    Festival 1996 The Netherlands.

Documentary             “ Corneille , Paris portrait”                                                        (1997) video

Video clip                   “ Paradise Road “ for Sony Classical New-York                  (1997) S16 mm

Documentary             “ The Hong-Kong Handover “ Rhombus Media                      (1997) video

Documentary             “My Backyard the Serengeti “ Wild life Docum.

                                   for Nature Conservation Films Tanzania.                            (1997) S- 16 mm

Video Docu                “ Recording of Titanics Music “for Sony Classical             (1998) Digi Beta

Corporate                   “ Casema “ cable network corporate                                 (1999) S-16 mm

Video clip                   “ Dana international”                                                           (1999) S-16 mm

Corporate                   “ Yamaha motors”                                                               (1999)  Digibeta

Corporate                   “ Van Lanschot Bankers”                                                    (1999)  Digibeta

Video clip                   “ Vivaldi in venice “

                                   A classical clip on 3 newly found pieces of Vivaldi

                                   for Sony classical New-York                                               (2000)  Digibeta

Corporate                   “ Galenco, Bio dermal “ cosmetic’ s                                  (2000)  Digibeta

Corporate                   “The bridge” a  dramatised instruction film for the

                                   Dutch government on trauma during work.                       (2000)  S- 16mm

Corporate                   “ Rabo Bank , to be a member” corporate film

                                   For one of Holland’s biggest banks : The Rabo bank       (2000)  Digibeta

Corporate                   “ Interpolis” corporate for the multinational Interpolis      (2000)  Digibeta

Corporate                   “The making off: a dream comes true”

                                   Film on the introduction of two state of the art

                                   lenses from Canon for the IBC.                                           (2000)  Digibeta

Video clip                   “ De Ante: crazy”                                                                 (2000)  S-16mm

Corporate                   “The harbor of Amsterdam” introduction film on

                                   a newly build container harbor in Amsterdam

                                   featuring the famous Dutch artist: Andre Hazes                 (2000)  Digibeta

Opera film                  “Britten , canticles “ two short films based on two

                                   Canticles of Britten with the director of the Amsterdam

                                   opera: Pierre Audi  2 x 12 min.                                             (2001)  S- 16 mm

Station idents             “ yorin Leaders” 20 short action idents                              (2001)  S- 16 mm      

Video clip                   “ D Groovy”                                                                           (2001)  S- 16 mm

Infomercial                 “ The secret of ketel One”

                                   A high quality promo film for the USA market on

                                   the number 3 wodka : Ketel One.                                        (2002)  35 mm

                                   Silver award for best photography New York Festival jan. (2003)

                                   Gold award Best photography IVCA London  april 2003

                                   Gold award corporate communication at Hamburg

                                   World media Festival may 2003

                                   Two Silverscreen awards on the US International

                                   Film & Video festival Chicago june 2003


Video clip                   “ The Scooters-Get into the sunshine”                                (2003)  16 mm

Corporate                   “ The introduction of Orange” presentation of the

                                   Introduction of Orange in the Netherlands                          (2003) Digibeta

Corporate                   “ Our World”  International corporate film for

                                   Pharmaceutical company Organon                                       (2003)  35 mm

Infomercial                 “Village Tour 2003” internal corporate film for

                                   Center Parks Europe                                                             (2003)  Digibeta

Sales present.             “ Nike – fast forward” Nike presentation                            (2003)  HD cam


Corporate                   Akzo – “ Inside out” Corporate film for Akzo

                                   Chemicals worldwide                                                                (2005) 35 mm

                                     Le Creusot International Festival - France

       The Grand Prix

                                   US International Film & Video Festival

         Gold Camera Award: Corporate Communications

                                   The New York Festivals

                                   Silver World Medal P.R.: Camerawork

Short film                   “ The old windmill shop” story of an old windmill

                                   Collector that finds his shop in a strange alterd way

                                   After a night of magic                                                                      ( 2006) 35 mm

                                   Gold award for best camera in New York festival        2007

                                   Silverd award  for best camera at the IVCA London    2007

                                   Grand Prix Festival De Creusot France                         2007

                                   Gold Camera award World Media Festival Hamburg  2007

Corporate                   Produced and directed all High speed Sation Idents for

                                   RTL 4                                                                                             (2008)Weiscam


Corporate                   “ Damen ships  “                                                                          (2009) HD cam

                                   International coporate film for  Damen shipyards

                                   Covering their operations in : Mexico,Vietnam,

                                   Romania,Dubai, Trinidad, South Africa,Italy,England.


Corporate                   “ Struik”

                                   Corporate film on the food company of Struik                           (2009) HD cam


In progress:


Documentary             “ Shanghai,Shanghai” portrait of the City of Shanghai

                                   60 hrs of mini DV tapes are being edited this year.                    (2002) Mini DV










Between 1984 and now he worked as a Director of Photography on  a great number of Commercials and video clips for a great variety of production company’s such as:


            AT-5, BT Barbizon film, Colombia pictures,Connection films,Corona Pictures,                        

           Coma Film ,Carillon film,Cellusion,De Kroon Studios,Dutch film and video team,

            Direct Company,Eerhart van der Linden Film,Filmworkshop,Frame work,

            Frame line prod.,Hans Bosscher prod.,Henk van Mierlo,

            Hot Spot,I.C.U. Film productions,ID- TV,John kok film,

            Klaas van der meulen filmprodukties,Lohman & Binkhorst,Lukkien,

            Liberty film,Lowe Kuiper en Schouten,Marco Klein en Partners,Majoor                                               

           Beishuizen,Marlet prod.,Movie Ventures,Mc Cann,Metz,           

            Multi Media, NOB,Ocean View,RTV services, Rhombus Media,

            SVP film produkties,Sax film,Son & Lumiere,S.O.N. Eindhoven,Slokkers                                   

            filmprodukties,Storm Scott film produkties,Toonder studio’ s,Thed Lenssen                                 

            Film,Trimage,The Filmstones, Valkieser Media,Veronica,VPRO,XXS,RTL,

            Leuk Werkt worldwide ,Etc.


His clients on these commercials were:

            Mc Donalds,Yorin,C&A, Grolsh,Holland international,BSD ,                  


            Nokia,Megapool,Vlisco,Roosvice,Nuon,Guhl,Sony,Daewoo,Rabo Bank,


            Twix,Cantadou,Dela,Bon Bon Bloc, SUN,KPN, Sony,Kijkshop,casema,

            ABN AMRO , Postbank, Nedcar,RVD, Hak, Skoda, Pledge, Mora,croky,

            kannis en Gunnik,Mona,Peek& Cloppenburg,M&S,De Koningk,Moulinex,

            7-Up, Dove, Mirinda,SKF, Vespa, Unox,Kreymborg,Glorix,Calve,Memisa,

            Philips, Sourcy,Daihatsu,Red cross, Agfa,NS, Hoogovens,Focwa,Lotto,Elmex,

            FBTO,Renault, SIC, nationale reserve RVD,KRO, ketel one, Organon.,Damen ships,

            TNT, E-On , ING , Bio Dermal,Plan Nederland,Kia,Fishermans friend,Carglass,

            Dirk vd Broek, Plus markt,C&A Nolet distillery,,KLM, etc…


Joost Dankelman has experience in shooting and producing in the following countries:


            U.S.A., Thailand, Taiwan, China,Malaysia,Hong-Kong,Indonesia,




            Hawaii, Spain,Hongaria, Singapore,South Afrika,


He is specialized in difficult locations shoots under various conditions.

He is a good skier, has mountaineering and diving experience.

Has done over a hundred hours of helicopter and aerial photography.

Is recently working on his aviation license.

He is specialized in high speed and food photography

(Did all the food shots for Mc Donald’s in 2002 and 2003).

He also specializes in SFX photography in a broad sense: chroma key,unilux lighting,

Time-lapse photography, macro/boroscope shoots, my low computer controlled cameras.


He speaks: Dutch, English, French and German.


He also likes to work as a self-directing D.O.P. And has been directing/shooting corporate films and Commercials since 1993.

He is still working as a photographer covering technics from:  4x5 inch Sinar , Hasselblad 6x6 , Nikon 35 mm , Canon D5 mark 2.


Since 2001 he is the director/producer of  Visual Intent Production BV, a full service production company based in The Netherlands.


From 2004 until 2007 he worked in China as a director /producer and ran a full production company SVP in Shanghai together with his former partner Sierk Vojocek.

SVP was producing TV commercials and TV programmes for the Chinese market.


From 2009 he works under the company name of Dankelman Visualproductions and Joost Dankelman Photography.


Recent Commercials on Dutch TV


Former Postbank commercials

ING campaign including the WK

Bakker Bart

Pro voet

Cora van Mora commercials

Dirk vd Broek commercials

Plus markt commercials        

Peijnenburg commercials

Station idents for RTL